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Our Mission

The Yaldeinu School strives to provide effective interventions and educational support geared to the whole child, optimizing each student’s individual potential through a holistic and therapeutic approach that includes multidisciplinary support for children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and related challenges.

Founding Yaldeinu

The Yaldeinu School was founded in 2006 by Bluma Bar-Horin. She was a special educator working with several families. When the children she serviced were aging out of the pre-school system, Bluma watched the families’ hopes turn into despair. They were looking for a school that would see their child as a “whole” and address their needs through a multi-disciplinary approach. She recognized that building strong foundational skills is the key to success in learning. Her goal was to address all areas of child development and help children thrive in a holistic, therapeutic environment, while supporting their families along the journey. Today, Yaldeinu is more than just a school. It is a model for schools, professionals, and families that share the passion of making a difference in the lives of children.

The Yaldeinu Model

The Yaldeinu School Model focuses on the whole child as we recognize the importance of all areas of development. Through the consultative model, the student is immersed in a therapeutic environment throughout the day which provides intensity and promotes increased progress and generalization of skills. At Yaldeinu we address the areas of sensory-motor development and regulation, speech and language, academics, behavior, vocational training, executive Function and nutrition. Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and 1:1 teaching, each student receives individualized skill-based instruction as well as the behavioral supports necessary to succeed. Yaldeinu provides ongoing training and professional development to our staff and families

Family Partnership

When a student is welcomed into Yaldeinu, their family is welcomed, too. A vital partnership is formed between the family and Yaldeinu. When parents share the vision of their child’s success and are part of the team, their child can surpass many expectations. At Yaldeinu, our goal is to empower parents about the role they play in their child’s success. We support our parents every step of the way, as we understand the challenge it is to raise and teach a child with unique needs. Some of the things we do to strengthen the parent-student involvement:

Daily Snapshot

At Yaldeinu, a parent never has to wonder how their child performed at school. Each student comes home with a “daily snapshot” that includes all the programs completed, what the child ate, and if there is any important information to be shared. When parents are in the know, they can better understand their child and set them up for success.

Parent Nights Out

Sometimes the best thing a parent can do is simply take a break. We offer enjoyable nights out where parents get to immerse. Parents need to treat themselves, too. Parents often tell us that they come home refreshed and are able to tackle their challenges with renewed energy.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Each child’s parents get to personally meet everyone on their child’s team at a collaborative parent-teacher conference. Clear goals are set and a personalized plan is put into place to help each child.

Monthly Communication

Our parents communicate with every person on their child’s team on a monthly basis, and sometimes more, when necessary. Whether it is a quick phone call sharing pride, discussing any pressing developments, following up on an important matter, or strategizing how to better teach a child, there is nothing like giving over messages personally.

Parent Trainings

Yaldeinu hosts parent trainings throughout the year. At these trainings, given by a variety of professionals, we share new developments that may help their child and give over helpful ideas and strategies. This newly gained professional knowledge and empowerment, along with the deep parental love, can increase success and enhance special needs parenting.

Weekly Newsletters

Each week, students come home with a beautiful, professional newsletter to share with their family. The newsletter has a wealth of information. It is our chance to connect with our parents and give them a clear glimpse about all the incredible class and school happenings. As much as they hear it, seeing is believing. In addition to reading about the weekly news and seeing pictures of class in action, parents get to read educational articles and tips written by our professional team. Knowledge is power.

Sibling Support

The siblings of our students often grapple with many unanswered questions. They often feel different and misunderstood. We offer sibling workshops as well as exciting, seasonal parties, where siblings get to meet other siblings in their shoes. These groups are a safe haven for siblings where everyone in the room is like them. No judgment is passed as they get to discuss their struggles that are present as a result of their sibling with special needs. Siblings have fun together and leave with newly formed friendships and special bonds

Coaching at Home

Yaldeinu is here for our parents and are literally just a phone call away. If there is anything we can do to make home life easier, parents are encouraged to call and speak to the professionals at any time. We believe that a child that is well behaved and thriving in the home environment will do much better at school and vice versa. Thus, the Yaldeinu education does not finish at the end of the day until the next morning; it is carried on at home with guidance and encouragement from our dedicated and passionate staff

The Yaldeinu Team
"It takes someone special to teach someone special"

​Bluma Bar-Horin, 
MS, Ed

Founder and Director

Heather Ferguson,

M. Ed., BCBA

Behavior Analyst

Fraida Flaishman,

PhD (c) OTR/L 

Occupational Therapy Supervisor

Speech/Language Therapy Team


Rivky Wakszul,

MS, Ed

Educational Director

Rosetta DiTomasso, PT

Physical Therapist/ Supervisor

Shoshana Bass,


Speech-Language Pathologist/Supervisor

Our Teachers


Reizy Englander,

MS, Ed

Educational Director

Perry Binet,

MS, Ed.

Vocational Director

Lea Arnstein

Teacher Support

Our Instructors


Yehudis Englard,

MS, Ed

Educational Consultant

Itta Weber,


Health Director/
Occupational Therapist

Music Therapists



Therapy Team


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